Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My First Success in Making Money with Paid To Upload

I like experiementing online and testing various work from home opportunities, or so called ways to make money online for free. I have a lot of friends, who are spending a lot of time on the web uploading and sharing files.

Once I found out about, which is a free data hosting service, which allows to upload files and earn money by promoting download links to these files.

This was a superb deal for me, because I could earn money for something I already do every day – share files (videos, music, documents) with my friends and relatives online.

Making money by uploading files at is pretty easy, you just have to share your stuff and promote download links on various forums, in social networks or even on your blog. Depending on your files (their capacity and popularity) and the country of your visitors you can get up to $15 for every 1000 downloads.

HotFile offers a great variety of tools, which could make the process of earning even easier. Money are paid via PayPal, WebMoney and MoneyBookers and the minimum payout is just $15. Try it, it is free and easy, I have been paid and you can see my earnings screenshot in this post.

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